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LIVE BLOG: Results announced for Essex County Council Tendring divisions


LIVE BLOG: Results announced for Essex County Council Tendring divisions

By George King

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    Hello all!
  • We are here at Clacton Leisure Centre awaiting the results of Essex County Council’s Tendring divisions and the Tendring Council by-elections.
  • - In total there are 75 seats up for grabs on Essex County Council.
  • - Prior to the election and last night’s in initial counts the authority was Conservative-led, with the party having 52 councillors.
  • - The Liberal Democrat’s had eight and Labour six, and there were also seven non-aligned councillors, one independent and one vacancy.
  • - In total there are eight Tendring divisions of Essex County Council which are up for grabs today.
  • - These are Brightlingsea, Frinton and Walton, Harwich, Clacton East, Clacton North, Tendring Rural East, Clacton West, and Tendring Rural West.
  • Tendring Council is also hosting a by-election to fill the two vacant seats for the Jaywick Sands and West Clacton ward and the Eastcliff ward.
  • - Nicola Overton had been the representative for Jaywick Sands and West Clacton but was disqualified after failing to attend several council meetings.
  • - Ms Overton, however, previously said she was unable to continue in her role due to ill health.
  • - The authority is currently made up of 46 elected councillors of which 20 are Conservatives.
  • - There are also six Independent councillors, six Labour, five Tendring Independent, four Tendring First, two Holland on Sea & Eastcliff Matters, two Liberal Democrats, and one UKIP.
  • Stick with us for updates.