THE long-awaited reopening of a road closed for more than three months is expected to take place tomorrow.

Sudbury Road, in Gestingthorpe, first closed to residents back on January 18.

The road, which links the village to Sudbury, was closed for repairs to be made to the road’s retaining wall and to move the stream which runs next to the road.

A letter to residents before the closure from Essex Highways said: “The retaining wall has failed in places and temporary barriers are currently on site separating vehicles from the stream.

“The existing watercourse will be moved further away from the road and the failing concrete retaining wall is to be replaced with an engineered embankment to support the carriageway.

“This will allow the road to be widened and curbed, especially on the bend at Hill Farm.”

Since closing in January, the road has been off-limits to residents, causing diversions for drivers.

But now residents say the workers have laid the last pieces of piping.

It is understood highways began resurfacing the road yesterday and now, after four months, the road is expected to reopen to drivers between tomorrow and Saturday.