HALSTEAD is set to become a greener town after councillors unanimously agreed to declare a “climate emergency”.

Halstead Town Council discussed adopting an emergency status, which would lead to a number of measures to make the town more environmentally-friendly.

The move comes after Braintree Council and Essex County Council made similar declarations in recent months.

A report prior to the meeting set out a number of ideas which included raising awareness and making changes to council property.

The council could form a climate action group with other organisations.

The report says electric charging could also be installed in Butler Road car park and at Courtaulds Sports Ground.

It adds: “The next Halstead Town Council van should be electric. Solar panels should be installed wherever possible on council property – at the Empire and Queens Hall

“Any new projects such as the community centre should also have solar panels and ground source heat pumps, and if possible a zero carbon energy bill.”

Other initiatives include buying green, local or in bulk, encouraging cycling and walking routes and considering the environmental aspects of future planning applications.

Councillors also agreed at the meeting that “all contracts undertaken by Halstead Town Council will, in addition to cost, consider the carbon footprint, and the impact on climate change of the proposed action”.