A CONTROVERSIAL bid to build four homes on the site of an “eyesore” church has been given the green light by council bosses.

Braintree Council’s planning committee has granted planning permission for the development at the Parkfields Baptist Church, in Halstead.

The disused church, which is located on the corner of White Horse Avenue and Conies Road, has fallen in to a state of disrepair in recent years.

The site has been the target of development bids for a number of years.

Permission for three homes was granted in 2013 but the building now looks set to make way for four semi-detached homes.

Developers will bulldoze the old church. which many admit has become an eyesore and even a danger to children.

Halstead Town Council had strongly opposed the plans on the grounds of overdevelopment.

Halstead councillor Jackie Pell attended the meeting to plead the town council’s case.

She said: “Halstead Town Council does not object to the Baptist Church being demolished as it has now become an eyesore, and acknowledge that the site will eventually be developed.

“What we object to is overdevelopment of the site. You refused the application in 2020 by virtue of the number of units and that it would result in overdevelopment.

“Officers state that this development may represent the upper limit of the development that could be accommodated on the site.

“What has changed to now wanting to approve the site?

“Highways, as usual, have no comment to make but we believe with an access in Whitehorse Avenue it is unacceptable as this is a very busy junction with buses turning into Conies Road and passengers getting on to and off of buses.

“If this development was one house less it would probably meet with our consent.”

The planning committee approved the plans, giving the developers the green light to demolish the church and build the new homes.