PEOPLE who threaten or abuse car park wardens could face bans as a town council gets tough on trouble-makers.

Car park attendants in Halstead are set to get special equipment to protect them from attacks by members of the public.

Residents in Halstead can expect to see car parking wardens kitted out with stab vests and body cameras.

And anyone who abuses staff could now be banned from car parks.

It comes after Halstead Town Council voted to implement a new risk assessment for car park staff.

The new guidelines were drawn up in a bid to improve the safety of staff in the town amid concerns over abuse from residents while working.

The council is concerned car parking attendants in the town could face verbal abuse or physical confrontation.

Although there is a risk assessment already in place, councillors voted to in favour of adding personal safety to the assessment.

It outlines steps to make working safer, such as attendants using conflict resolution training and physical safety training, carrying a mobile phone, wearing a bodycam at all times, wearing a stab-vest and reporting incidents to the council office and police.

During the meeting, council policing ‘champion’ Garry Warren said Essex Police had been in touch to make suggestions to help protect car park staff.

He said it reinforced the proposals to be implemented by the new risk assessment.

The police suggestion also prompted plans by the council to look at potentially banning residents who cause trouble in the town’s car parks.

Minutes for the meeting say Mr Warren proposed that “on issues of threats and attacks on staff the law is pursued to its full extent, irrespective of the victim’s decision”, which was unanimously agreed.

The town clerk will now develop a protocol on how the council deals with such confrontations with the public and explore how banning orders could work.