GAZETTE readers are divided over possible plans to bar customers from pubs if they have not had their Covid-19 vaccination.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson revealed potential plans to allow publicans to turn customers away if they don’t have a ‘vaccine passport’.

But the move has been met with a mixed reaction from both publicans and Gazette readers.

A poll on our website recorded 54 per cent of the 1,740 who voted agreed with the proposals.

Gazette reader Sally Reed said: “I know they are working through various unlocking concepts in Parliament, but I thought it was up to the pub.

“As it always has been – they can deny you entry for a number of reasons, including dress code, intoxication, etcetera.

“If it is put into place, I would be a bit miffed if my friends are vaccinated and I’m not through no fault of my own and I get left out of unlocking, particularly as they are supposedly so Covid-secure.

“Then I’d probably have my friends round to my garden instead, and the supermarket would get my money instead of the pubs.”

Rae Bennison added: “It’s their property and they have the right to refuse entry, so why not?

“If you are antivax, you should at least stay indoors until the majority have been vaccinated and herd immunity has been established.”

Denis Killen said: “If it stops the spread next year, then why not? At least pubs will have more chance in staying open.”

Publicans were sceptical.

Charles Townsend of the White Hart Inn, in Halstead, said: “It is not something I would be keen on.

“It poses the problem of publicans having to act as police.

“It would reduce the number of people in the pub.

“Younger people probably won’t get their first vaccine until the summer.

“I would say it is very unlikely we would implement it.

“I only see it reducing footfall and that is the last thing pubs need at the moment.”