A BID to build 200 homes on the outskirts of Halstead has again been opposed by town councillors.

Gladman Developments is hoping to get permission to build on the site at Bournebridge Hill, just off the A131, to the south of the town.

Reports say the development could bring as many as 500 new residents to Halstead.

But the plans have sparked opposition from many current residents.

Although the application was first submitted in March 2019, developers have since revised the plans and resubmitted them to Braintree Council’s planning committee.

However, the bid has received another blow after being recommended for refusal by Halstead Town Council.

Councillors met on Monday to vote on the application.

Their recommendation will be taken into account when a decision is made by Braintree Council in the coming months.

The application has received opposition from many residents and currently has a total of 75 official objection comments.

Halstead Town Council even recommended the plans for refusal last year. 

It comes during a time of heightened concerns about overdevelopment in the town, with numerous developments already accepted or awaiting a decisionspending approval.

Two bids to build a combined total of 201 homes down the road on Mount Hill have sparked fury from residents and councillors.

The sites at Mount Hill and Bournebridge Hill are both located outside Halstead’s boundary and are officially part of the Greenstead Green parish.

This has caused concern as residents who move on to the proposed developments would use Halstead’s infrastructure without paying the town council’s tax.

Councillor Garry Warren claims is one councillor who feels Halstead is “under attack from developers”.

He said: “Permission for more housing estates are being applied for that do not meet the needs of local families, rather the greed of landowners and developers.

“Local planners and national planning inspectors seem intent on ignoring the views of residents and allow developments to go ahead without any acknowledgement of the legitimate concerns raised by residents. 

“Halstead has already a higher percentage of new housing than its percentage of population in the district would normally dictate.  

“The town’s infrastructure cannot cope with more housing and townspeople have suffered enough inconvenience. 

“I urge people to submit their objections to planners at Braintree. This is not nimbyism.

“This affects all of us. Enough is enough.”