A DELIGHTED mum admits she was “over the moon” to give birth to a healthy girl on the first day of 2021.

Alice Logue, 38, gave birth to her third child, Cora Mae Barrett, at Colchester Hospital on New Year’s Day.

Cora, who weighed 9lbs, was just one of two newborns to be delivered at the hospital on January 1.

She was born at 5.35am.

Mum Alice, who lives with fiancé Tom Barrett and sons Harrison and Clarence in Earls Colne, said: “She was due on Christmas Day but I’m so happy she came on New Year’s Day and was born in 2021, not 2020, which wasn’t the best year for a lot of us.

“I’m a resource investment analyst and work in the City but I’ve been working at home since March.

“It did mean the pregnancy wasn’t as difficult as it could have been.

“She’s the biggest of my three children but is just as adorable.”

The birth of baby Cora on New Year’s Day had extra significance for Alice, whose late father, Niall Logue, was also born on the same day.

She added: “My dad died from cancer in 2014 but it’s amazing that Cora was born on what was his birthday.

“It’s a lovely date for them to share.

“I didn’t really feel anything until about 10.30pm on New Year’s Eve.

“It was certainly an eventful night for us. It all seemed to happen so fast and I was a bit concerned I was going to give birth in the car at one point.

“Thankfully we made it in time though and it all went smoothly.

“It’s an amazing way to start the year.”