TWO pals have used their spare time during the lockdown to launch their own Christmas song.

David Mears and Andy Hollidge say their new festive single, It’s Christmas, will bring joy to people in the coming weeks and hope it may even claim the prestigious top spot in the music charts on December 25.

David, who is 50 and lives in Braintree, was asked to help make the song by Andy during the first lockdown this year.

The duo had previously worked together in a covers band during the 80s but wanted to have a crack at coming up with something festive and original.

Andy was able to persuade David to come out of music retirement and work with him on the single over the festive season last year.

With recording studios closed this year because of the pandemic, the duo had to put the song together from the comfort of their own homes and even used plumbers’ pipes and blankets to record the vocals.

David, who is a digital marketer, said: “We never really intended to release the song. It was just a bit of fun at first and something to keep us busy during the lockdown.

“It was strange because we couldn’t work together in person or in a music studio like you would do normally.

“But we were chuffed to bits with it when it was finished. We couldn’t work out if we were being like teenagers who get excited at everything they produce but the people who heard it really liked it and it’s spiralled from there.”

Dave and Andy have had to set up their own music company to get the song released.

They have also created an animated music video for the single, which they say is warm, family-friendly and filled with sleigh bells in the background.

The video has received nearly 1,000 hits so far and with the Christmas season fast approaching, Dave admits he hopes the single could prove a smash hit in the weeks to come.

He added: “It would be amazing to be number one at Christmas but we’re still getting a lot of satisfaction from the joy people are getting from the song. It’s all about having fun, which is something we have all missed this year.

“The song was released in September and hasn’t had a lot of exposure yet.

“But who knows what might happen. If it can make it onto the radio and elsewhere it might just take off.

“Either way we’ve had a lot of fun doing it.”

It’s Christmas is available to download on Spotify, Apple, Google and Amazon. For more, visit