A BID to build 22 homes in Halstead has led to renewed concerns over the pressure being put on overstretched services.

Plans for the new terrace and semi-detached homes has been submitted to Braintree Council by Eastlight Community Homes which was formed this year following a merger between Colne Housing and Greenfields Community Housing.

The application outlines plans for housing on land just off Cherry Tree Close, on the north-east outskirts of Halstead.

The plans also include 50 car parking spaces and an access road.

The homes would range from two to four bedrooms.

The site was previously granted permission for 20 homes in 2017, but that has expired

In 2019, the site was acquired by Greenfields Community Housing before passing on to Eastlight in the merger.

The plans have been submitted during a time of heightened fears over overdevelopment.

There have already been objections, with concerns over the impact on the town’s infrastructure such as schools and the doctors surgery, as well as traffic.

One objector said: “There are currently a number of sites in the process of building a large number of homes including ‘affordable’ homes in Halstead.

“There are also other planning applications in, which means Halstead already has a large number of additional homes.

“The infrastructure of the town is already stretched to breaking point. The doctors surgery and schools all have a lack of additional spaces and resources.

“The roads which again are already under heavy strain, the town has no bypass and the heavy lorries passing though are already a danger to buildings, other vehicles, and particularly pedestrians and additional local traffic will only increase the danger and impact on traffic flow.”

To view the application, visit publicaccess.braintree.gov.uk and search for 20/01647/FUL.

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