A MAP which shows the areas of Braintree, Witham and Halstead worst affected by Covid-19 has seen central Braintree removed while East Halstead remains top with the highest number of new cases.

The map highlights coronavirus hotspots across the area by colour coding them according to the infection rate which also showing the number of new coronavirus cases.

The map displays weekly data from March when the pandemic began.

The latest data is for the week leading up to October 20.

It shows the rate of infection in each area and where positive cases have been confirmed in recent days.

It is based on testing data from Public Health England.

Areas are then colour coded based on the infection rate.

White means there area is 'suppressed' after having less than three new cases in a seven day period.

Seven day rates are expressed per 100,000.

In Halstead and the surrounding area, Halstead East and the Colnes remains one of the worst hit areas and has the highest number of new cases of the seven day period in the district with 15.

Meanwhile, Central Braintree has gone the other way and is shown as white on the map meaning it has had less than three new cases over the period.

Witham Town and Halstead Central are the middle with seven new cases of the virus recorded in the period.

Other areas including Finchingfield, Gosfield and the Hedinghams are marked in white as they are also designated as suppressed.

Other areas had the following:

  • Halstead East & Colnes - 15
  • Coggeshall & Kelvedon - 11
  • Great Dunmow - 10
  • Great Leighs & the Walthams - 9
  • North Witham - 8
  • Halstead Central & West - 7
  • West Witham - 7
  • Witham Town - 7
  • Marks Tey & Wakes Colne - 6
  • Great Notley & Black Notley - 6
  • Witham South, Hatfield Peverel & White Notley - 6
  • Great Totham, Wickham Bishops & Woodham - 6
  • Silver End & Stisted - 5
  • Flitch Green, Felsted & High Easter - 5
  • Braintree West & Rayne - 5
  • Bocking - 4
  • Braintree South - 3
  • Steeple Bumpstead & Great Yeldham - 3