WITH so many historic buildings in the area it is no surprise there are so many ghost stories in the Braintree district.

We’ve had a look through our archives and used Paul Lee’s ghost website to share some of the tales.

Here is a look at some of the most haunted buildings in our area.

The Bell Inn in Castle Hedingham

According to the website, two ghosts have been reported at the inn.

It is claimed a young girl with black hair has been sighted as well as a monk who died in a fire.

Oxford House in Earls Colne

Just one chilling ghost is reported to have been seen at Oxford House.

According the website, a smiling ghost wearing jeans and trainers has been seen.

The tale surrounding the sighting suggests the ghost is the son of a former pub landlord who was killed in an accident.

Oxford House was once a pub known as the Coachman's arms and the ghost is said to appear in his old bedroom window in the former pub.

The Shoulder of Mutton in Fordham

This suspected haunted building recently garnered attention when the current owners, Jonathan and Jacqui Neill decided to call a ghost hunter.

They hope to turn the business into a new licensed tearoom and antiques centre but since renovation works began, Jonathan said strange things have been happening at the premises.

He said: "Firstly, an old pub sign dating back to the 60s was uncovered in the garden under huge brambles.

"It is in near perfect condition and we are hoping to put it back into its rightful place when the pub reopens.

"Next, following the removal of a menu blackboard, a hidden staircase was discovered dating back hundreds of years."

Once the staircase was exposed, Mr Neill said strange things really started to happen.

He said: "Lights began switching themselves on and off, glasses on the top of the bar started flipping upside down overnight.

"A former resident was briefly questioned and confirmed suspicions of ghost activity.

"She said that one of the ghosts had been nicknamed 'the green lady'.

"She was reluctant to say much more but it is believed this ghost is an old barmaid."

Autoparts and the Horse and Groom in Braintree

According to Mr Lee's website, a spectral lady has been seen making her way from the Horse and Groom to Autoparts - she then exited through a side door.

It is also claimed there are strange noises and smells (including freshly baked bread) in the pub, and a man has been spotted in the cellar.

Items are alleged to have been seen moving by themselves in Autoparts while CDs have vanished altogether.

Cradle House near Coggeshall

One of the more unusual haunted areas, Spectral monks have said to have been seen at Cradle House.

The monks in white habits enter the garden and then perform a dance according to the website.

They have also been seen walking from the nearby Abbey to Cradle House, where it is said they held their secret meetings.

It is also said that they have been seen inside the house too.

The White Hart Hotel in Coggeshall

A figure,which has been mostly seen in the guest's lounge, is said to haunt the hotel and other older areas of the building.

But there are also stories about two spectral children being seen who died in a fire.

Sounds, temperature drops and televisions turning off and objects moving have been reported here too - especially in one of the guest rooms.