AN important road linking two Halstead villages could be shut until next month as multiple different works get underway.

A section of road at the bottom of Station Road in Earls Colne was scheduled to be shut on Monday.

The road links Earls Colne with the neighbouring village of Colne Engaine and is regularly used by drivers.

Now residents can expect delays with the road not expected to reopen until Friday 30 October.

Multiple works are being carried out on the road by separate companies.

Works by UK Power Networks started first on Monday kicking of the road closure.

Uk Power Network's permit for roadworks lasts until October 30 with the company carrying out several electrical works including the "disconnection and installation of six new Street Light services."

A separate set of works are also being carried out on the road at the same time by Gigaclear.

They aim to carry out the installation of a "gigaclear duct".

In the meantime, residents will be forced to find an alternative route to and from Earls Colne and Colne Engaine.

The roadworks have been labelled a 'nightmare' by some on social media.

The road closure will no doubt be a hindrance for many bushinesses and residents in Earls Colne caught either side of the divide.

Residents of De Vere Road north of the works will have to drive through Colne Engaine before being able to reach the rest of the village.

The roadworks are also causing problems for the Colne Valley Golf Club who have had their entrance cut off by the roadworks.

The golf club declined to comment.