CONCERNED residents could be a step closer to seeing parking problems and traffic on their streets ease after councillors held talks with highways authorities.

Halstead Town Council is calling for action following numerous complaints from residents about the parking situation in the town and traffic problems on Halstead’s roads.

The council has been holding talks with the local highways panel about the issues.

Council vice-chairman Dave Gronland, who is Halstead’s representative on the panel, is now said to be working on a number of projects to improve problems in the town.

Representatives including Halstead mayor Mick Radley met last month to discuss the town’s parking issues and potential action.

The list included issues such as speeding signage on Sudbury Road, potholes on Hedingham Road, Colchester Road, Chapel Hill and Oak Road, parking issues on Morley Road and dangerous parking on Colchester Road and Portway Place.

Mr Radley said: “The town council has received several concerns from residents about on-street parking in and around the town.

“These range from inconsiderate parking, parking in front of driveways, parking on pavements and verges, the need for more parking restrictions in certain areas, the lack of enforcement and also the impact of new developments upon current parking arrangements.

“The council understands that all of these issues can cause frustration and affect the quality of life for residents.

“The reality is that people now have many more cars and vehicles than in the past and this is understandably putting more and more pressure on the congested road network in the town.

“This sometimes leads people to park in unsuitable areas and in some cases dangerously.

“Unfortunately, the town council has no direct powers to make changes, implement solutions or apply enforcement.

“However, we can work with other authorities, agencies, the police and residents to help find solutions where possible.

“Currently Dave Gronland, who is Halstead’s representative on the local highways panel and vice-chairman of the council, is doing a great job working with the LHP on several projects which will benefit the town.

“In addition to this, we have arranged a meeting later in October with the North Essex Parking Partnership to better understand their processes for managing parking restrictions and how they manage enforcement.

“Once we understand this, we can advise residents how to apply for restrictions in their area.

“We will continue to work with these agencies and try to help and support residents where possible.”