THE RSPCA are reassuring animal lovers that they are continuing their services despite the fact animal centres are beginning to close their doors to the public.

The UK's largest animal welfare charity, the RSPCA runs a total of 17 animal shelters across the country.

Now many animal centres across the UK are following in the footsteps of other shops, services and businesses, either restricting or completely closing their centres to the public.

Due to the coronavirus, one such animal centre to close is the Danaher Animal Home on Hedingham Road in Wethersfield.

A Danaher Animal Home spokesman said: "The RSPCA Danaher animal home for Essex is now shut to the public due to the current coronavirus pandemic.

"We are extremely sorry, but due to Government guidelines and our staffs safety, we have made the decision to close.

"If you are interested in any animal featured on our website, please still register your interest online.

"Once we are open to the public again we will get in touch.

Amid the outbreak, the animal home are also appealing for help.

The spokesman added: "In the meantime, we are extremely low on Blankets and food.

"If you have any donations for the centre, please can you drop them off outside reception, or should the main gate be closed, please just leave them there."

However, while animal centres may be closing, the RSPCA has been quick to reassure the public that it is continuing to resue and rehome animals in Essex, despite the virus outbreak.

The charity has said it has put contingency plans in place to cope with the undoubtedly difficult weeks and months ahead.

Although, the RSPCA has warned that, due to a mjority of work being carried out by volunteers, there may be changes to local services.

The RSPCA's chief executive, Chris Sherwood, said: “Thanks to our amazing, dedicated and professional team of staff and volunteers, the RSPCA is still rescuing and rehoming animals in these difficult times.

“We are having to change the way we work, but please be assured we are doing everything we can to make sure that we get help to the animals most in need.

“There is a great deal of anxiety, worry and concern at the moment.

"Being around animals can bring great pleasure, companionship and mental health benefits, so we hope people will draw comfort from spending time with their pets and watching wildlife to help them through the weeks and months ahead.”

“I’m really proud to work alongside such a dedicated team of animal lovers and I’m constantly inspired by their drive to help animals, even in the toughest of times.

“I would ask for people to bear with us over the coming weeks.

"It’s great to see communities rallying around to support each other during this time and it would be good to see that community spirit extend to local RSPCA animal centres, branches and hospitals.”