A BOOK chronicling the life of a long-time Halstead resident and dementia sufferer has gone on sale in a bid to preserve his memories... as well as raise some cash for charity.

Les Littler, 85, has lived in the town for more than 17 years, becoming a familiar face to many residents.

Written by Paul Gronland, 37, the new book, All Change, chronicles Les’s colourful life and his time spent across a number of different career paths.

Book sales have already raised £1,246, which will be split between for Essex Dementia Care and Hope for Tomorrow.

Paul first met Les five years ago when he moved in next door, with the pair quickly becoming friends.

For more than three years, the duo worked together to collate Les’s notes and his many stories about his amazing life for the memoirs.

Halstead town councillor Dave Gronland, who is Paul’s father, said: “The story of Les’s life is told with a quiet humour.

“Over the years he has taken on many challenges including a career in the Royal Air Force, marathons, very long cycle journeys including a trip to Germany, and rock-climbing.

“Les is known for his friendly demeanour and challenging fundraising activities for charity, in the form of sponsored runs and bike rides, although he is clearly no longer a youngster.

“At 79 years old he was planning an 80-mile bike ride to coincide with his 80th birthday.

“Weeks before the event he came off his bike and broke his wrist, but the ride still went ahead with many volunteers raising money.”

Les has dedicated much of his time and efforts in later life to raising cash for charity.

Dave added: “Several of his endeavours were dedicated to raising money for cancer and dementia charities - his wife Madge suffered from both diseases in her lifetime.

“She recently passed away and sadly Les, now 85, succumbed in his early 80s and is in the advanced stages of dementia.”

The book was self-financed and published with support from friends and nearby business CZ Design and Print.

To find out more, or get a copy of All Change, contact lingron@hotmail.co.uk.