A GROUP of keen walkers from Pebmarsh are lanning a coast to coast to help restore the roof of a historic church.

Dubbed the Pebmarsh Pilgrims, the group took on the famous Camino Frances pilgrimage in April 2019 to help raise money for Pebmarsh's St John the Baptist Church, which appears in the Domesday Book, and help with much needed repairs and renovations.

'The Way of St James', or 'Camino de Santiago' is a network of trails across Europe which all lead to Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, in the North West of Spain.

Pilgrims have walked the trails since the Middle Ages, on their way to Santiago Cathedral, and the Pebmarsh Pilgrims completed the trek, raising £2,000 for Pebmarsh's church.

With the money raised, the work on the Pebmarsh church's roof is now underway.

Pebmarsh Pilgrim and parish council chairman Perry Crimmins, 59, said: "They've begun to strip of all of the old roofing and have started laying down some new tiles.

"I think it is nice as the people of Pebmarsh can now see where their donations have gone."

However unfortunately, despite thousands of pounds being raised by other donations and charities, the money raised has only managed to re-tile the roof covering the chancel.

Mr Crimmins added: "Me and my school friends have been discussing a second walk to raise more money.

"There is a synergy between me and my old school friends we love nothing more than going on adventures.

"This time we will probably do a walk across England, sea to sea, starting at the Irish Sea and finishing at the North Sea, quite fittingly at a place called Holy Island, seeing as we are doing all of this for the church.

"I want to say a big thank you to everyone that gave their time and money last time and to those that continue to do it."