AN author has penned a supernatural novel set in Castle Hedingham.

A Posy For Poll is based on a local legend and centres around Hedingham Castle and the tale of Polly Miles.

The novel was written by author Cara Louise who spent many years of her life living in the Essex area.

Cara has written 18 books for children and young adults, mainly about mysteries and the supernatural.

The newly published A Posy For Poll is no different.

The book follows a heroine called Belinda Bailey, the new girl at the local school.

Winning the leading role to play Polly Miles, a girl who mysteriously died at the nearby Hedingham Castle, Belinda’s life takes a more sinister turn as the play and Polly’s mysterious end seem to seep in to her own life.

Cara said: “I lived for a number of years in Essex, working in libraries in Rayleigh and Southend-on-Sea, before deciding I wanted to write children’s and young adults’ books based on mystical and supernatural themes.

“I eventually left Essex and went to Glastonbury, in Somerset where I published my first book, The Boy From the Hills.

“I travelled a lot, working in Finland and Bulgaria as an English teacher, and eventually decided to go back and do my degree in writing and English at Manchester Metropolitan University.

“I reconnected with some of my old friends in Essex and went back to stay with them and visit magical sites around the county.

“During one of these trips, I was staying with a friend who was involved in making a local history video about legends in Essex.

“One of the legends featured was that of Polly Miles at Castle Hedingham.

“The producer of the video wanted to make a video clip of Polly walking towards the water and her subsequent death, so that was where I came in.

“They asked me if I would wear the dress and cloak and walk down towards the water while they videoed the scene.

“That was how I got to hear about the legend and also play Poll Moll in the video – simply because I had long dark hair.”

Cara added: “We were all intrigued by the legend as it has always been a mystery exactly how she met her death – whether she slipped on her way back from the ball at the castle or whether she was pushed.

“While I was looking for an English teaching job that suited me, I continued writing my children’s books and finally I was able to put pen to paper and write my novel based on the Poll Moll story – A Posy For Poll.”

“I first published the story a few years ago as a Talking Book and ebook on CD Rom. Now, finally, thanks to Amazon, I am able to get it published in kindle and paperback and hopefully make the story of Polly Miles known to a wider audience.

A Posy For Poll is available now exclusively on Amazon in kindle and paperback formats.