A WELL-KNOWN Halstead resident has been enjoyed a fairly unique celebration with family and friends.

Muriel Constable turned 100 last month and has been a resident of Halstead all her life.

A pillar of the community, Muriel further celebrated her birthday with another party that had a unique twist.

The party was hosted by Gill Mitchinson, who has been a close friend of Muriel's since they met in 1975 when Muriel was a Sunday School teacher at the Holy Trinity Church.

Gill went on to become an organist in the church, until it closed in 1990.

Gill's musical talents were put to work though when she an her family performed a musical show at Muriel's party.

Along with her two daughters Emma and Holly and grandchildren Olivia, Heidi, Amber and Corey, Gill has formed their choir CHEAGHO, an acronym of their first names.

Other guests included friends of Muriel and even her goddaughter who journeyed all the way from Gloucester for the event.

The family choir performed six songs at Muriel's party - the traditional Skye Boat Song, their own arrangement of “Wise Men Say” accompanied by Heidi on the guitar, and four War Songs, with Gill using her organist talents on the piano.

Afterwards, the family enjoyed an afternoon tea with a 100th birthday cake as well as cupcakes made by Gill's granddaughters.

More celebrations for Muriel are due to take place over the next few weeks.