WETHERSFIELD’S Danaher animal shelter is looking for a new home for Wolfy.

The eight-year-old husky has been at Danaher since he was rescued at the start of the month after his previous owner fell ill.

Wolfy has heterochromia, which is common in huskies and means his eyes are different colours.

A spokesman said: “A laid-back, affectionate and friendly character, you wouldn’t be able to tell that Wolfy is a slightly older boy than others because he hides it well.

“He still loves to run around, adventure off-lead, play with other dogs and especially likes to wander, explore and sniff all of his new surroundings.

“Wolfy is an exceptionally calm and relaxed dog while on the lead despite his large size – he is definitely a gentle giant.”

Wolfy can live with children aged six and older.

The friendly and sociable husky enjoys the company of others so has no problem sharing a home with another dog – but not a cat.

If you think you could offer Wolfy a new forever home, contact Danaher Animal Home on 0300 111 4321 or visit their website for more information at danaheranimalhome.org.uk.