A MUM’S partner and son are jumping out of a plane from an eye-popping 15,000ft to raise cash for a Parkinson’s charity after she was diagnosed with the disease, aged just 44.

Sarah Wyatt, from Halstead, discovered she had the disorder - which causes uncontrollable shaking - last October.

But she has had a tremor in her hand since she was a child.

“When you think of Parkinson’s you think of an elderly person,” said part-time child carer Sarah.

“My father had Parkinson’s as well just before he died.

“He was 70 when he was diagnosed and died when he was 73

“I’ve had a tremor since I was eight.

“I haven’t got to the bottom of whether it is related to Parkinson’s or not.

“But I used to get teased quite a lot.

“My mother sent hundreds of pounds trying to find out what it was.

“She spent money on hypnotherapy and acupuncture - you name it - and seeing different specialists.

“Then one specialist diagnosed me with essential hand tremors.

“They put me on beta-blockers for it, which didn’t do a lot to be honest.

“I even had one consultant when I was 13 who told my mum to give me a glass of sherry every night.”

Mum-of-two Sarah, of Spansey Court, noticed the condition getting worse about five years ago.

She said: “I noticed it was going to my head.

“I could feel my head shaking so I went back to the doctors.

“He said it had been a long while since they last investigated it so he sent me to a neurologist.

“I had scans and different tests and I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s on October 19 last year.

“Obviously I was upset because I know it’s not curable, but it was also a relief in a a weird sort way just knowing what it was after having something wrong for all those years.”

Partner Simon Jarvis, 51, and son Brad, 18, are now taking part in a death-defying skydive for Parkinson’s UK, at Chatteris in Cambridgeshire on February 16.

The daring duo have already raised more than £1,500 for the charity.

Sarah said: “I’m so very touched and proud of what my family are doing.

“I think they are looking forward to it surprisingly, but as the time gets nearer they will start feeling a bit more nervous.

“I’d just like to help their fundraising even more and to make people aware that it’s not just an older person’s illness.

“Thank you so much for all family and friends for their support.”

To sponsor Brad and Simon search for ‘Brad and Simon Skydive’ on justgiving.com