COUNCIL bosses have vowed to plant more trees and protect vegetation from being ripped up by developers to help tackle climate change.

The pledge was put forward by the Green and Independent group on Braintree Council and has been unanimously backed by the Conservatives, Labour and Halstead Residents Association.


Draw up plans to substantially increase tree planting and use power and influence to protect hedges and woodland to the best

James Abbott

10 per cent of land in england is woodland, but only 6 per cent in Essex

Schmitt said: "We have to be realistic. We don't own a great deal if land and that land that we do already own over the last 16 years we have been planting trees there.

"We own 15 woodlans which we look after an dmaintain

"I am utterly passionate about trees.

We have planted trees wherever we can but this problem is so great that planting odd trees here or there, although it helps, it has got to be on a grand scale. We do not own that kind of land and the new govt has promised there will be thousands of trees planted. It would be wise to wait and see what they offer.

The commitment is absolutely there wherever possible and we will do everything that is within ouir limited powers.