CONCERNS have been raised over road safety after a string of near-misses.

The junction of Pebmarsh Road and Mill Lane in Pebmarsh has been slammed by some as “dangerous to cross” and “unsafe” for pedestrians.

Residents say it is a “blind” junction and cars and pedestrians struggle to see approaching hazards.

The problem is made worse by the lack of a footpath and cars which park on Pebmarsh Road, obstructing the view from Mill Lane.

Pebmarsh resident Paula Challinor said: “I was walking my children up to the school from Mill Lane and we had a very near-miss.

“A car came shooting up the road from the bridge and I had to shout to my son to get back.

“The car did slow but it would have been unable to stop and if my son had been a few steps further into the road we’d have lost him.

“For the safety of the residents the road really needs to have double yellow lines and there really needs to be a mirror on the church steps to give us visibility both as pedestrians and as drivers.”

Residents also say the roads are more dangerous since the removal of priority right of way signs over the narrow bridge on Pebmarsh Road.

Paula said: “At least it encouraged traffic going up hill towards the school to slow over the bridge.

“There should be speed restrictions starting before the bridge to beyond Mill Lane with a warning of a concealed entrance and children crossing.

“This is a serious accident just waiting to happen.”

Essex Highways says ‘priority’ signs have been replaced with ‘road narrows’ signs.

A spokesman said: “An issue has been raised regarding the exact siting of one sign. All concerned are being asked to agree to a meeting on site to hammer out a solution in the near future.”