SO a shiny new decade is upon us.

And with it a host of new television shows for us to enjoy.

Well the shows might be new in some cases but the ideas are old.

Talent shows and programmes involving people competing to demonstrate how good they are at assorted hobbies and handicrafts.

Pottery and cooking head up that list with the BBC having another crack at finding a top culinary type thus far hidden away in the safety of their own kitchen and Channel 4 offering a second chance to the Great Pottery Throwdown.

This enjoyed a couple of series over on the BBC before being dropped and in its new home sees Melanie Sykes replacing Sara Cox for presenting duties.

Not sure Mel has the same charisma as Sara, now presenting everything else as well as uniting lonely farmers across the British Isles and carrying out all request Friday duties on Radio 2.

How she actually fits in other activities I don’t really know, but she does.

She talks about them at great length on her drivetime show.

But there must indeed be an appetite for all things crockery for this fresh attempt at getting viewers to fall in love with it.

It is also unclear why the quest to find Britain’s Best Home Cook previously failed to take off in the same vein as Bake-off.

Because, let’s be honest here, this show is an obvious attempt to regain some of the viewers that behemoth dragged to Channel 4 with it several seasons ago now.

It had the impossibly luminous Mary Berry sampling the wares - and the safe and quirky hands of the always heavily-fringed Claudia Winkleman overseeing proceedings all mixed up with the culinary successes and disasters.

Not sure what fresh ingredients they are planning to bring to the table but let’s hope it pays off.

I do enjoy the bake-off on Channel 4, and will begrudgingly admit the gamble paid off.

It still works.

Yet I continue to be slightly irked by a one hour show having to finishing 15 minutes later (to include the necessary advertising time)

It upsets the entire viewing evening.

Also being peddled as new, but actually not, is the rather bizarre idea of putting celebs in carnival type costumes and getting them to sing to a panel of judges who have to guess who they are.

Yes, this is the Masked Singer, which comes to us from the US where it has been a smash hit. Of course.

The outfits are outlandish - and it remains to be seen how close to A-list the contestants will be.

Let’s just say I’m not expecting Liam Neeson or Nicole Kidman to emerge from a giant duck or bee get up any time soon.

Not actually sure Liam can sing, having said that, so that would be some sort of surprise.

But as with all these shows - it is all in the choosing of the presenter and judging line-up and comedian Joel Dommett is a perfect choice.

You need someone who will commit but also maintain a level of wonder at how they ended up being there at all.

It is a stance Dermot O’Leary has got down to a fine art.

He always looks a bit non-plussed, even during heavily choreographed dance snippets.

And if you like dancing then there is so much for you to enjoy in coming weeks as quests to find a new celeb ice dancer and the Greatest Dancer once again begin - there is room for many “greatests” it seems.