OBJECTIONS have flooded in over plans to build nearly 100 houses in a village.

Land Allocation Ltd and EHA Farms Limited are seeking outline planning permission to construct 90 homes on land to the West of Prayors Hill, Sible Hedingham.

The developers claim the project would see more than 800 jobs created during construction phase and new residents brought in by the development would bring millions of pounds into the local economy each year.

Around 27 of the homes would be allocated as affordable and the developer would create a new public space within the village.

The blueprints were made public last month but 39 residents have submitted letters of objections to Braintree Council over the proposals.

Objectors have raised a number of concerns about the scheme, with many questioning whether there is sufficient infrastructure in Sible Hedingham to take on hundreds of new residents.

In her letter, Alison Rolfe said: "The village is already straining under the weight of so many residents, with local facilities noted in the proposal struggling to cope with the volume of people

utilising them.

"The doctor's surgery, despite the recent merge with other surrounding clinics, cannot service those already registered let alone a further 180-plus residents.

"It is already necessary to wait nearly two weeks for an appointment unless you are calling in an emergency for a child.

"The high street (A1017) has no parking restrictions and so one car parked on the side of the road can snarl up traffic let alone a delivery for one of the local amenities."

Concerns have also been raised about the impact the development would have on the character of the village.

Martin Kay added: "This development is not in keeping with the surrounding neighbouring houses and is like an estate being plonked on the edge of the village becoming an eyesore. If it was in keeping there would be far less houses with larger gardens."

Sible Hedingham Parish Council has objected to the application over traffic and pedestrian safety concerns.

The proposed site lies next to the former Tanners Dairy which is understood to be earmarked for housing.

A planning application to build 54 homes on the site was submitted in December by Halstead Residential Ltd.

Braintree Council has yet to rule on the plans.