A MUM of two worked alongside the top trendsetters in London Fashion Week last weekend.

Emma Lee, 36, of Halstead, launched her own Rebel Nails business last summer.

She got her break after being asked to join a team of six by Suzanna Clayton from Souz & Co nails.

The team, who all work as nail technicians across the country, made 600 custom-made tips for London-based designer Pierre Garroudis’ catwalk show in Islington.

The team had just an hour and a half to apply the nails to 50 models for the eccentric show.

Emma said “It was absolutely crazy.

“It was a really pressured environment, but I loved every minute of it.

“We all worked together behind the scenes, but we could still all apply our own individual style to the nails.”

Emma, who specialises in acrylic and hand-painted nails, studied fine art at GCSE and A-level and has a diploma in fine art, specialising in fashion.

She said: “Doing nails still allows me to get my creativity going.

“I loved working within the fashion industry and im definitely looking forward to doing it more.

“It was great to network with other people in the fashion industry, my Instagram has been going crazy since the show.

In May, Emma also became a brand ambassador for Gelica Nails, who specialise in events such as Ibiza Fashion Week and London Fashion Week.

She said: “It means there are a lot more doors opening.

“A lot of models have started contacting me for photo shoots to come and do nails that they have seen and liked.”

Emma and the team are hoping to return to London Fashion Week in February 2020.

She added: “Fashion week happens twice a year, so I think now we have done it once, we are all looking forward to go back and do it all again.”

Suzanna Clayton, Sophie Donaldson, Sheniene Lebond, Lauren Lenoir and Georgia Hardwicke made up the rest of the team.