My not very grandiose verdict on Strictly is that it didn’t disappoint.

Not only were all the important components there ; fake tan, tight fitting costumes, grumpy looking judges - they even threw Kylie into the mix.

As if our Saturday night cup of entertainment did not already run over.

In fact, her medley of shimmy-tastic tunes which ushered in this year’s shiny bunch of hopefuls, was definitely a highlight.

For the self-respecting Strictly fan, this is a first opportunity to size up who is potentially going to lift the glitter ball, and who will be joining the likes of Jeremy Vine and Si from the Hairy Bikers as those we remember for loving every minute but not being much cop.

My frontrunner for this category is already BBC sports presenter Mike Bushell.

I shouldn’t pre-judge but lovable Mike is already known for being a bit clumsy.

Yes, it was he who plunged into a deep swimming pool whilst attempting to interview the England netball team having failed to notice there was a step under the water line.

And that wasn’t an isolated incident so there is a real worry he is going to be a bit of a comedy signing, a la Ed Balls and Anne Widdecombe.

Having bounced in and demonstrated a Dick Van Dyke-esque jump in the air, he then didn’t really look like he had any kind of natural rhythm in the group dance.

Comedian Chris Ramsey, on the other hand, looked promising.

hopefully he can concentrate on the dancing and really go far in a competition that has tended to be dominated by folks who probably did have more than a bit of dance training in their past.

As a stand-up, it is unlikely he ever has to follow much choreography but what little there was on Saturday, he seemed to have mastered.

Elsewhere, Anton rejoiced at having been paired up with Emma Barton but there isn’t actually any indication she is going to be any good at this point.

He seemed confident she would be, so I hope he doesn’t end up with metaphorical egg on his face.

Just being a younger woman does not mean she might be the answer to all his glitterball dreams.

Let us not forget the luminous Pamela Stephenson, currently the oldest female contestant at almost 60, to make it to the Strictly final.

So bring on the next dozen or so Saturday nights.

Once the celebs have had a couple more weeks to practice their first dances, it will be game on.

New Judge Motsi rather ominously announced the fun would stop once the live shows began - surely this is the opposite of what she should have been saying ?

And how is she going to be an impartial judge when faced with her sister, Oti and her dance partner ?

It will be as awkward as watching Serena and Venus Williams play a grand slam final.

Still, Oti may have more luck this year now she has had a late swap of dance partner.

Biscuit heir Jamie Laing didn’t even make it to rehearsals with her, after an injury in the group dance scuppering him.

Instead she has been teamed up with former Emmerdale star kelvin Fletcher - looking absolutely delighted at being given such an opportunity.

Oh I do love a bit of Strictly - life wouldn’t be the same without it.