SCOUTS will be taking a giant leap to raise funds for their expeditions by walking the equivalent amount of steps it would take to climb Mount Snowdon...more than 25,000.

Trinity Explorers are taking part in a sponsored walk along Halstead High Street tomorrow.

The fundraising event will see them walking the length of the street 91 times.

The group, who only formed last September, is looking for support and funding to purchase camping equipment for an expedition at the Essex Jamboree next summer.

The explorers have been lucky enough to be chosen as one of Sainsbury’s charities for the year.

The superstore plans to sponsor them along their walk. The explorers are also collecting their own sponsorships from friends and family along the way.

Explorer scout leader Chloe Frisby said: “We want to raise £1,000. It’s a big number but I feel like we can do it.

“It’s our first big fundraising event so we wanted to think big but if we can’t reach it we will be happy with anything we raise.

“We have done a lot of smaller fundraising events in the past year, we helped out with the Halstead Marathon and other events around Halstead to support the community.

“But this is our first full fundraising event for ourselves.”

A total of 18 scouts will be taking part in the event this weekend, from 14 years old and upwards, and the explorers are inviting their friends to take part.

Section assistant for the explorers Martin Walker said: “Everyone is excited about the challenge but they are worried about how their feet will feel afterwards.”

Most of the members have joined from other scout groups and have built their way up to join explorer groups.

Chloe said: “Our aim is to try and get kids off the streets and learn about the world and what is right and wrong.”