AN evening of open-air theatre in a suitably historic setting will see a noble hero reborn next week when a re-worked performance of a legendary tale takes over Hedingham Castle.

The Legend of King Arthur, re-interpreted by drama company Boxtree Productions, will be played out in the medieval surroundings of the castle.

Inventive staging, catchy original songs and enchanting storytelling will guide audience members through the well-loved tale of Arthur, who fulfils his destiny by famously pulling the sword from the stone.

In a bid to unite Britain once more, the country’s new hope, alongside mystical Merlin and a round table of brave knights, must defeat the evil plans of villain Morgan Le Fay.

The setting in which the show takes place will add a more immersive and unpredictable element to the audience’s experience, reminiscent of theatre as it was during the Shakespearean era.

The Legend of King Arthur, which sees a woman playing the lead role, is part of a country-wide tour by Boxtree Productions.

The show comes to Hedingham Castle on Wednesday, August 7, from 6pm. Tickets cost £14 for adults, £12.50 for over-65s, £10 for under-18s or £42 for families.

Under-fives can attend for free

Tickets will receive a 10 per cent discount when book online in advance of the show.

Theatre-goers should take their own seating as this is an outdoor event and are also encouraged to bring a picnic.

Visit for more information and to buy tickets.