A HALSTEAD day care centre held its annual sports day last week.

Budding Usain Bolt’s at Blossom and Bloom, a private nursery for children up to five years old, took to the track and raced to the finish line in a series of events.

Warmed-up by Blitz Fit trainer Paul and cheers on by friends and family, the young sportspeople took part in a standard running race, a sprint where they had to balance a cone on their heads and a relay.

Children aged between just 16 months and four years and a special ceremony was held following the mini competitions for all those leaving the nursery to join infant schools after the summer.

A teddy tombola and a cake stall also were featured and families ate picnics on the village green.

Proprietor and Manager Amanda Carter said: “We were so proud of all our Blossom Buddies for participating in sports day.

“It was a truly magical day shared by friends and families and we would just like to say a massive thank you to all our wonderful parents who support us every day - you are amazing.

“To all our school leavers, we would like to say what a pleasure it has been looking after you. We have seen you grow, change and truly blossom.

“Goodbye and good Luck on your next adventure - we will miss you.”