RESIDENTS can expect to start seeing an increased police presence in the coming months after Halstead Town Council announced plans to help put even more volunteer officers on the streets.

During a meeting at Queen’s Hall it was revealed that a new special had now started his training and the council is also looking to fund an additional beat bobby.

The recruitment is part of a community-funded scheme which the council has been closely working on with Essex Police.

It aims to bolster the town’s police presence following the town police station’s closure in 2016.

Special Constable Mikey Mihalyfi, 26, is a product of the initiative and was officially welcomed during a presentation earlier this week, which was attended by town councillors and representatives from Essex Police.

Mikey, who also works as a driving instructor, has been patrolling the town’s streets for the past six months.

He enrolled on a fast-track course after seeing a recruitment advertisement and wanting a more social alternative to his day job.

As a volunteer, Mikey doesn’t get paid for the work he puts in to keep the community safe but does have the same powers as full-time police officers.

So far Mikey has spent 78 hours of his free time patrolling Halstead.

During a patrol Mikey said: “The Special Constabulary is amazing in that we have the same powers as police officers.

“We can do everything they do which is really good and important when it comes to protecting the community.

“Working in Halstead has been really good so far.”

Mikey was introduced as the latest addition to Halstead’s police team following speeches from Deputy Chief Officer Derek Hopkins, Chief Insp Jeannette Rawlingson and council vice-chairman Mick Radley.

Mr Radley said: “Residents have expressed concerns about the lack of visible policing in the town. Having visible policing engaging with the community and picking up local intelligence is a vital part of tackling antisocial behaviour and crime in the town.

“Mikey’s doing a great job and we look forward to more volunteers joining the scheme soon.”