A FLEET of war machines transported a keg of Halstead beer all the way to Normandy last month before raising a glass in celebration of a major war operation's anniversary.

A Spitfire, Willy's Jeep and two DUKWs headed for the French shore with a firkin of bitter from the Pumphouse Community Brewery in Topsfield in commemoration of the 75 years that have passed since the D-Day landings during World Ward Two.

The group of High Easter residents responsible for the transportation of the precious toasting beverage were inspired to embark on the pilgrimage by Major Graham Cooper of the Guild of Battlefield Guides and the dropping of alcohol that occurred during D-Day to boost spirits.

Following the original route taken by the Dakotas during the infamous operation, The Spitfire patriotically flew over to France while the privately-owned sea and land vehicles were carefully transported the Gold Beach before lining up in tribute.

Chairman of High Easter P.C Rob Lodge said: "Over the last year we have built up an excellent relationship with Pumphouse Community Brewery.

"They have supplied draught and bottled beers to several successful events, so when the Normandy trip was arranged, they were our first choice.

"On D-Day itself, English Bitter was dropped in barrels to aid morale. We wanted to recreate that.

'We like the Pumphouse not-for-profit community ethos - and we really like the beer."