A PRIMARY school in Halstead has joined forces with a waste reduction company and an anti-plastic charity in a bid to make its playgrounds more environmentally-friendly.

Richard de Clare School has teamed up with Stansted-based company Wastepack, which is working with a child-led organisation called Kids Against Plastic, in a bid to try to help protect the planet’s eco-system.

To mark the beginning of the project, Wastepack has donated some brand new recycling bins to Richard de Clare.

The frog and bird-shaped bins will now become a permanent fixture in the playground.

They are designed to encourage more pupils to do their bit to contribute to the cause.

The school said it was very pleased with the new additions.

Headteacher Sarah Donnelly said: “We are delighted to be working with Wastepack to provide practical and fun solutions to waste collection.

“The delivery of the bins marks the start of our work together to educate and raise awareness of environmental issues.

“The children are delighted with their new bins, showing affection for the cute characters.

“This is bound to be a great start in keeping them fed with rubbish”.