A FITNESS fan has presented a cancer suite with hundreds of pounds following his tenth London marathon.

Gavin Allen, 44, of Nether Court in Halstead has donated a £465 cheque to the Mary Barron Cancer Suite at Colchester Hospital.

Gavin, who is a member of the Halstead Amateur Boxing Club completed the infamous track for the suite for the fifth time after being inspired by his boxing coach, George Cook.

"It stems back to when I joined Halstead Boxing Club nearly five years ago and the head coach had cancer a few years ago and he got treated at the Mary Barron ward." Gavin said.

"Since he was treated he has been raising money at the boxing club and his chosen charity is the ward so any boxing night put on or any show we do money raised is given to Mary Barron ward.

"When I joined he knew I was a runner and said 'would you mind raising a few quid for the chosen charity.'

"Once did it once and we got to give money directly to nurses I said every year I run London I shall be raising money for these guys.

"It's so nice to give money directly to the nurses and the staff."

Each year Gavin runs the London Marathon he and George visit the ward to present the cheque directly to the nurses.

"The nurses and staff are very grateful." he added.

"They're having a new build built at the moment and that will all go towards it."

As well as the London Marathons, boxing coach George who is in his 70s also raises money for the ward and encouraged members to donate.

Gavin said: "He is such a lovely guy

"It's amazing what he does behind the scenes week in and week out. He just gives.

"We want more Georges out there.

"Most of the Halstead people know George and know that he gives so much down the club and it made me thing 'I'm gonna run for that cancer ward.'

"It's just a nice way of giving back really."