A PERFORMING arts group is preparing for its first round of auditions for this year’s festive pantomime.

Sudbury Dramatic Society (SDS) is staging auditions for its production of Sleeping Beauty, written by local author Andy Gribben.

The first set of auditions will be taking place on Wednesday at the Quay Theatre at 7.30pm.

Everyone knows the story – in a kingdom not too far away, a beautiful baby is born but due to an administrative error, the evil fairy is not invited to the christening. In revenge, she casts a magic spell, sending our heroine into an endless sleep.

The roles available include Princess Aurora, thigh-slapping principal boy Prince Borealis, Queen Solero in full pantomime dame mode, Slumber the Good Fairy, Distaff the Bad Fairy, the people of the royal court and comic duo Tick and Tock, who help time move on seamlessly, so there is plenty of variety for actors to get their teeth into.

Actor-turned-director Adam Webster will be hosting auditions and is looking for two casts of 12 actors each, with once cast performing before Christmas and the other performing after Christmas.

Scripts will not be available until the auditions but a full cast list can be found on the Sudbury Dramatic Society website at sudburydramatic.com. The second batch of auditions will be held on Monday, June 24, at 7.30pm, also at the theatre.

Budding actors are welcome to go along to either audition date, and if they are cast they will need to join Sudbury Dramatic Society.

For more information, contact contact Adam by email at sudburydramatic@gmail.com or visit the SDS website.