A CYCLING event which sees thousands of riders across the country raise money for a cancer charity is happening in Halstead.

The Rotary Club ‘Rotary Ride’ will see supporters getting involved in the biggest cycling event of its kind to raise money for Prostate Cancer UK.

Members of the public can get involved with the cycle turbo challenge this weekend, where they are invited to choose their own challenge, or ride for a set period of time.

Clubs across the country set their own cycling challenges to support the cause, which can either cover a distance or be on static bikes.

Tony Sale, a Rotarian in Halstead, said: “We are just a small club so we are doing a static bike ride.

“We’ve loaned two bikes and two turbos (which keep bikes static) and people can come and ride for a period of time or a distance.

“It’s highlighting the cause and people can come along and donate or they might challenge someone to ride and sponsor them.

“It means people can set their own challenge, because five minutes might be a challenge for someone whereas a cyclist might do an hour.”

This static ride will take place on Saturday outside the Solar Store in Weavers Court, Halstead.

All Rotary clubs cross the country will be raising funds for the cancer charity.

Mr Sale added: “Prostate cancer does not care who it affects or the devastation it causes to patients and their families.

“Rotary do care.

“One man dying every 45 minutes is a startling figure and we will do what we can to bring that number down.

“This is a chance for members of the public to fight this cancer.

“We have created an event for all to take part in, regardless of age and ability.

“Everyone will find something to do and I am delighted we are supporting Prostate Cancer UK.”

This is the second year Halstead Rotary Club has been involved in the challenge, and Mr Sale says he was keen to give it a go as he is a keen cyclist for the Randonneurs Road Club in Coggeshall.

On Father’s Day, this Sunday the Randonneurs Road Club will be cycling in aid of Prostate Cancer UK to support the Rotary challenge.