A SIX-YEAR-OLD has raised more than £800 for an animal charity after completing a ten mile bike ride.

Oliver Gooding, of Great Maplestead, was inspired to raise money for the WWF after seeing an advert on the television showing elephants being killed for their tusks.

After deciding on a bike ride with the help of his mum Jade, Oliver rode ten miles to raise money for the charity.

The route went from his home, around the Maplesteads and Wickham St Paul and back home again.

He wanted to support the giant mammals because he felt very sad they were being killed, especially as he is an avid visitor to Colchester Zoo.

The Earls Colne Primary School pupil, who has pet dogs, a cat and hamsters, says he wants to be a zookeeper when he is older.

Mum Jade said it was a challenge for his little legs but he was spurred on by friends and family.

She said: “He did amazingly. I was so, so proud of him.

“He set off with a cheer from our neighbours who all came out on the street to see him off.

“We then had grandparents and friends cheering him on as we passed Wickham St Paul green.

“I think the cheeky Haribo sweets I had with me helped fuel him on.”

He was not facing the challenge alone as two of his friends came out to join him.

Jade added: “Two of his school friends, Rowan and Saul, met us around eight miles in, which was perfectly timed, because at that point Oliver was asking how many miles he had left and was mentioning his bottom was getting sore.

“But with his friends biking with him and his grandpa joining in on his bike, he flew over the finish line to a huge cheer from lots of family and friends, cousins, aunties, uncles and great-grandads.”

So far Oliver has raised £844 for the animal charity and funds are still coming in.

“We are calling it the ‘Oliver Effect’ as his school friends are now planning ways to raise money for charity too.” Jade added. “It also inspired his four-year-old brother Joshua to take his stabilisers off his bike.”

To support Oliver with his fundraising, visit www.just giving.com/fundraising/ wwfoliversbikeride.