THOUSANDS of students could be entitled to a reimbursement of funds as a result of changes to the TV Licensing’s refund policy.

Recent graduates from the University of Essex and across the country, who have moved out of their halls or rented accommodation or are planning to do so this summer, may be eligible for a refund worth up to £50 if they move to a licenced address.

Not every rebate will be worth the same and it will depend on how many full months remain on a student’s television licence. But recent graduates who purchased their license last October and moved out at the end of the academic year in May, could be entitled to the full payment.

The pleasant surprise comes after changes were made to TV Licensing’s refund policy in 2017, which made it easier for tele watchers to claim back money for any months where they won’t need their license.

Cody Want, spokesperson for TV Licensing London and South East, said: “Many students are unaware that they can claim a refund on their TV Licence when returning home for the summer and so could be missing out on an extra £50 in their pockets.

“Applying for a refund is quick and easy and we encourage all students who are eligible, or their parents in some cases, to take advantage of it.

Students can apply for a refund either online or over the phone by supplying details of their TV License alongside evidence that proves their license is no longer needed, such as a copy of the end of their tenancy agreement.

Eva Crossan Jory, NUS Vice President of Welfare said: “A TV Licence is valid for a whole year, so if students purchase a licence in October they can apply for a refund when the academic year has finished and they are no longer living in student accommodation.

“Many could end up saving some much-needed cash as they go into the summer break.

“If students are uncertain about rebates or need to discuss finances they can approach the advice centre in their university, college or students’ union.”

To arrange a refund or change address, simply visit: or call 0300 790 6113.