BREXIT party leader, Nigel Farage has received a warm welcome from the people of Canvey.

Ahead of the European elections next week, Farage chatted with the residents and posed for selfies, and even had a drink in the Monico pub.

Jennie Marshall, 47, from Furtherwick Road, on Canvey, said: "I think Nigel is great and I will be voting for him on Thursday.

"He is so easy going the way he has just walked around chatting to all of us locals - you wouldn't see any other MPs doing that.

"We want someone who is going to deliver on their promises and I know Nigel will.

"I think he should be Prime Minister to be honest with you."

The controversial MEP sat outside Sue's Café and had a cup of coffee and even got himself an ice cream topped with 'Brexit blue' sauce at the Fantasy Kiosk.

Farage then hopped on the blue Brexit open top bus, thanked the people on the island before heading off to Rayleigh, where he is due to appear at the High Street at 2.30pm.

He will then be making his way to Southend, appearing outside Southend Central train station for 3.30pm where he will continue his walkabout.