TALKS have been held between an MP and a doctors surgery about its latest improvements.

James Cleverly (pictured) met the management team of the Elizabeth Courtauld Surgery in Halstead.

A year ago, the Tory MP said he had received a mass of letters from constituents complaining about being unable to get an appointment at the surgery, but he says this is less the case now.

Following the meeting, Mr Cleverly shared some feedback from the meeting in a video on his Facebook page.

He said: “I’ve just had a really good meeting, talking about the changes they’ve made to GPs, the introduction of paramedics, of nurse practitioners, on site pharmacists, to make sure that there are more medical professionals that people can visit.

“We talked about the walk-in surgery and the point that they were really keen to make is that if you’re going to use the walk-in surgery you can come at any point between 8.30am and 10.30am.

“You don’t have to queue up around the block, you don’t have to get here mega early. If you get here before 10.30am you will get an appointment.”