In this week's Halstead Gazette, we report on the shock after a man suffered a stroke while driving, causing him to crash into Hume's of Halstead.

The driver, Richard Tillyer, is now fighting for his life after the accident.

Quick-thinking ex-firefighter Peter Ballisat, 26, smashed the locked car’s passenger window with a hammer to reach Mr Tillyer.

Elsewhere in this week's paper, we bring you:

Records tumble as 400 people take part in this years Halstead Marathon.

The home wear and interiors store dubbed the 'Harrods of Halstead' is returning to its former shop in Halstead.

A man has suffered serious burns to his hands after an oil tank exploded.

The gym that is set to offer round the clock opening hours is a godsend to busy residents.

Essex County Council Highways department have issued an apology due to the major road resurfacing glitch on the busy A131 north of Halstead.

Rogue cops are jailed after hiding evidence which sabotaged child sex abuse probes.

An author has delved into the past 800 years of Colne Engaine's history for her latest book.

Election day anti-fraud schemes are hailed a success.

And, the Halstead couple who are backing a campaign to encourage more parents to become foster carers tell their tale.

We also have a stunning spread of the spectacular May Day event, celebrating the fifth anniversary of the celebration in Halstead's Public Gardens and the final year of co-organiser and former mayor Shirley Diver's commendable involvement.