HALSTEAD Residents’ Association are “thrilled” after securing ten seats at town council level and four on the district council.

After previously holding nine seats on the town council and two on Braintree Council, the group is now back to the position it was in eight years ago.

Jackie Pell has been a member of the Halstead Residents Association for 37 years.

She said: “I am thrilled because it shows the trust people put in you and knowing that they can talk to you and come to you.

“You have to listen to them. You may not always like what they say but you need to listen to people.

“People have been elected for a long time have put in a lot of time a effort, they’re not paid at town level.

“At times they can have some unkind things said to them but they are trying to do their best.”

Formed in 1937 and formerly known as Halstead Ratepayers’ Association, the group says it is totally independent with no political affiliations.

Mrs Pell added: “We are Halstead. That’s what we’re interested in and making sure, district-wise, that Halstead gets its fair share.

“Locally they don’t want or need party politics.” Residents’ Association candidates Jackie Pell, Andy Munday, David Hume and Mick Radley took all four of the town’s district council seats.

On Halstead Town Council, ten seats were won by Halstead Residents’ Association, while Labour took two. The Tories lost their three town council seats. Janet Atkinson, Peter Caulfield, Peter Claydon, Sandra Dingle, Dave Gronland, David Hume, Andy Munday, Jackie Pell, Michael Radley and Linda Smith were elected for the residents’ association, while Labour’s Malcolm Fincken and Garry Warren were also elected.