A SPORTS club that has been running independently for ten years is at risk of closing due to a lack of members.

Hedingham Badminton Club was formerly run under the wing of Braintree Council and led by Danny Jones.

Mr Jones died in 2010 and the club was threatened with closure but members decided to run it themselves.

Sara Blore, who runs the club with husband Richard, said: “It was Danny who encouraged and inspired many novice players. His expert advice and, on occasions, devilish sense of humour alway got the best from them.”

The club has 12 members.Sara, 58, said: “We would ideally like about 20 as we have the capacity for 16 people to play at any one time but not everyone turns up every week.

“Unfortunately there comes a point when it is not financially viable if there are not enough members, but my husband and I will keep it going to the bitter end.”

For more information about the club call Sara on 01787 462322.