A CHARITY is calling on puppy owners in Essex to take part in a once in a lifetime study to improve the future of dog welfare.

The Dogs Trust is asking local puppy owners to sign up to its new ‘Generation Pup’ study.

It will help the charity learn more about how pooches develop by tracking their journey into adulthood.

Pet owners will also be able to keep a record of their dog’s journey.

Dr Rachel Casey, director of canine behaviour and research at the Dogs Trust, said: “Generation Pup is the first study of this nature and breadth, enabling us to gain multiple new insights and understanding about our canine companions.

“By collecting lots of information about each pup’s early experiences, we can understand to what extent these influence what happens later in life.”

The scheme hopes to enable the Dogs Trust to get closer to people’s four-legged friends than ever before.

To read more about Generation Pup and to sign up for the project, visit generationpup.ac.uk.