A FORMER bus engineer says his secret to reaching his landmark 100th birthday is having a loving family ... and being cheeky.

Despite retiring several years ago, the wheels keep rolling for Charlie Brown, who lives at Prince Edward Duke of Kent Court, in Stisted.

And Charlie said he was “thrilled” to receive a customary congratulations card from the Queen.

He was born in Great Waltham on April 4, 1919, shortly after the end of the First World War, and enjoyed a long career as a bus engineer.

He and late wife Hilda had two children, Angela and Jennifer, and he now has four grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

Charlie said the secret to a long life is: “A loving family and great company - and being cheeky.”

Asked if he had any advice for younger generations, Charlie said: “If they live life in the way I have, then they’ll like it. I’m a lucky one.”

Care home spokesman Dani Lane said: “It was a privilege to celebrate Charlie’s 100th birthday with a party at our home.

“Everyone had a great time with many of his family coming together to celebrate his long life.

“I asked Charlie if he had enjoyed his birthday party.

“He laughed and said with a wink that although he’d enjoyed it, he’d been asleep during some of it.”

Dani added: “I told him that he’s entitled to nod off whenever he likes, he is 100 years old after all.”