Although I agree with an email I received from the Conservative Party that Brexit is the de-facto political issue across the entire country at present and that local elections should be about local issues, this is not the case.

During the past year I have emailed various Conservative members of the council and MP James Cleverly directly on a number of matters and received no response.

Explain to me why I should even consider any variant of Conservative Party worthy of my vote?

I doubt they will bother to respond which reinforces my belief sustained by the farce of the Parliamentary Conservative Party since the 2016 EU referendum that they are only interested in the people when they seek our vote and at no other time.

I remind them we express our feelings with a X and not a tick.

Being deprived of lending my support to either Brexit Party or UKIP it seems the Greens or an Independent candidate will benefit.

Don Trower, Braintree