MORE special constables are needed in Halstead after trainee recruits dropped out of the scheme.

Halstead Town Council had agreed to fund three community specials for the town, but there is still only one on patrol.

There were other would-be specials in the process of completing their training, however they have dropped out of the scheme.

The council is now appealing for more residents to apply to become a special to join current officer Michael Mihalyfi.

Halstead mayor Andy Munday said: “It is disappointing for Halstead Town Council that a further two candidates have either not passed the vetting process or have withdrawn but that does not lessen the need for specials within Halstead.

“The council is fully supportive of the scheme and welcomes people that have an interest to come forward and contact the scheme manager directly.”

The town council now hopes other residents will apply.

A spokesman said: “There has definitely been a tangible effect from the presence of uniformed officers PC Craig Wheeler and SPC Michael Mihalyfi, and we would like to encourage others to take up this role.

“Being a special police officer gives you a unique role to be active in your community to make it a better place to live.

“Recruitment so far and the opportunity to see uniformed police officers on the street again has certainly improved the level of incidence of antisocial behaviour, and driving offences.”

The lowest level of commitment is 16 hours per month.

Applications can be made by contacting and should be submitted before June 30.