A FAMILY-RUN bakery is taking inspiration from the past to look forward to its 60th year in business.

Hume’s of Halstead has been providing bread, cakes and other baked goodies to the town since April 1, 1960, and is still serving some of its original loyal customers today.

Dennis Hume, 81, and wife Ann, 80, own the store, which is now being run by their children Wendy Lawrence, 50, Adrian Hume, 49, and Judith Smith, 48.

All three started their working lives away from their parents’ bakery, but all returned to work at the thriving family business.

Adrian’s son Luke, 18, is now also working in the shop alongside his father.

Dennis and Ann said having their children running the shop helps keep it up to date.

Dennis said: “We’re doing gluten-free cakes now so I suppose that’s moving forward, which is something I haven’t done, but our son has always done that.”

Ann said: “It’s something that they are doing themselves which is good.”

The bakery is hoping to offer some vegan options in the near future.

As well as being inspired by the latest eating trends, the veteran bakers are also looking at re-incarnating one of their former Easter treats for next year.

Ann said: “We used to make our own Easter eggs and I taught Judith how to make them.

“She used to put the eggs in baskets and they looked beautiful.”

Dennis added: “They are something individual – we used to do them and put names on them. It’s something for maybe next year.”

The couple are looking forward to the business’s milestone anniversary next year.

Ann said: “We certainly hope we get to the 60th and look forward to that.”