A JOINT tribute has been paid to two “sorely missed” members of the Halstead Hospital League of Friends and Women’s Institute.

A ceremony was held by the two groups at Halstead Hospital where a May tree was planted and an iron seat was unveiled in memory of May Stone and Jean Humphries.

Mrs Stone was a member of the league of friends for many years.

Chairman Alan Symington spoke of her hard work and dedication.

He recalled her tireless organisational skills running the tea tent and bottle stall at the annual fete, never missing a Christmas morning at the hospital to hand out gifts to in-patients and taking the library book trolley around the wards.

Mrs Humphries was a member of Halstead WI, who donated the iron seat from the dry garden.

WI chairman Sandra Dingle paid tribute to Mrs Humphries, who was “sorely missed and gave selflessly of her time to the WI”.

The May tree, a symbol in Celtic mythology of love and protection, and the seat have been positioned to look across the valley from the hospital to offer a place of beauty and tranquility for both patients and relatives at the hospital.

The ceremony was attended by both May Stone’s and Jean Humphries’ families.