Every week Braintree district residents are up in arms regarding house building on every open a space that developers can get their hands on.

Our councillors are not doing what we request of them.

I went to a planning meeting to oppose planning permission for land east of Halstead.

What a waste of an evening that was. When the applicant came in, two of the committee jumped up to shake hands with him.

We objectors thought we might as well go home because it looked like the decision had already been made. Sure enough it was. Who is going to buy all off these houses? Not locals, that’s for sure.

I can't see too many people that have to travel to London to work buying them.

If they do they are going to be very disappointed with the facilities they find here.

I have always voted Tory, but no more.

With local elections coming up soon, vote out all the councillors that do not do what you request of them.

Vote for people you can trust who will carry out your wishes and hope all the green fields don’t get swallowed up with unwanted houses.

Bill Seaman

Cherry Tree Close, Halstead